“Education for Life is the ultimate aim of education.” —Late Beloved Sadhuram Agrawal

Sadhuram Vidya Mandir is named after Late Sadhuram Agrawala beacon of love who devoted his life in pursuit of service to the mankind. He was one of the reputed philanthropists & social workers of Chattisgarh. ” Education for Life “ is a profound idea, propagated by Late Sadhuramji that has become the philosophy of SRVM.  The school is managed by Prahalad Rai Agrawal Education Society”SRVM is a CBSE affiliated co-educational school that is located at Kosamnara, Nadeli Road, Raigarh.

We, at Sadhuram Vidya Mandir believe in and practice the philosophy ‘’Education for Life’’. This unique tenet has been propounded by the sponsoring society Prahalad Rai Agrawal Education Society. SRVM was founded in 2014 and affiliated with CBSE in 2017 and upgraded to Senior Secondary Level in 2019.

SRVM is a blessing for the hundreds of rural children  of Raigarh and other adjoining districts who aspire to build a successful career in life by getting quality education. SRVM provides an open and students’ friendly ambience to bring about positive desired changes in every child admitted to this school. It has the state of the art infra structure and highly competent team of teachers drawn across the country to offer the best possible education to the children. The school implements a specially designed school curriculum as per CBSE guidelines that is a blend of theoretical understanding of knowledge and first hand experiential learning on various topic centered activities. To support this, highly sophisticated labs and activity rooms have been developed by various expert agencies. The daily routine has sufficient space to nurture the physical growth of every child. Healthy communication at regular interval with the parents plays a pivotal role in parents teachers relation for the all-round development of the children. In addition to this, SRVM conducts activities to nurture exemplary civic sense to make each child a future ready citizen of this great nation. Programmes like celebration of birthdays of freedom fighters aim at imbibing a sense of nationalism and patriotism among the students. Over ally, SRVM is the one of the finest destinations for the people of Raigarh to obtain quality education founded on true national and societal values.