From Principal’s Desk


Principals Message

I bow to God for giving me this blessed life as I remain amidst beautiful minds of hundreds of children who study at SRVM at present.

For me, EVERY CHILD IS SPECIAL that has the following four aspects.

  1. Physical- The Health
  2. Mental- The Mind
  3. Social-The Society
  4. Soul- The Essence being A Child

The proportionate development of the above four aspects is key to the making of a child into a well-formed mind in a good health with suitable social ethos to become a good soul. All of us tend to misunderstand and misjudge the above four as an individual entity and its contribution to its totality of the personality of a child. A balanced proportional grooming of all four is the need of the current time.

At SRVM, our objective is to provide the right setting that is manned by efficient and performing teachers with the latest state of the art applications for the holistic development of every child. As the leader of a highly capable team, I guide and support them to facilitate their intellectual possessions to get smoothly transferred to our children seamlessly.

We have a very practical roadmap for every child for proportional nurturing of the above four.

  1. Communication- We keenly observe and analyze all forms of communications of every child. A child’s verbal communication can just give us a half reality about the child but understanding its nonverbal aspects enables us to know him/her closely with a realistic touch.
  2. Non-compromising Academics– Academics are our first priority. Our highly experienced team works in a highly open yet principled work culture so that every child gets deserving attention that is missing in the present educational set up. We follow the principle EVERY CHILD IS SPECIAL”.
  3. Performative Skills- We believe that every child is an owner of minimum one or many skills. Our motto is to bring out the best from every child. We have a highly organised skill development programme for every child that is managed by highly capable staffs.
  4. NECTAR (Nationalistic, Ethical, Cultural, Traditional, Assimilation, Role-Model)- Apart from the above three, we instill a deep sense of Nationalism with unbound patriotism. The ethical self is at the root of the moral development. Every child primarily bears a beautiful nature that must be assimilated into a developed progressive culture. Our roots lie in our rich culture and perennial traditions. With all these qualities, at SRVM, we are dedicated to groom the future citizens of our great nation who will become ROLE-MODELS in every walk of life at present and in future!

For me, every day is a new day and every moment I share with my students is a gift of time to cherish for all times to come.

Mr. Tuna Biswal, Principal

M.Phil., M.A., B.Ed.,NC-CED, STC(IIT), MDP(IIM)