Upcoming Activities in October, November, December 2021 & January, February 2022

09/10/21 Student’s Youth Parliament for III to XII VP, Coordinators
08/10/21-11/10/21 3 Days Immesrive Workshops on Plastic Awareness by ICPE & MOEFC for I to XII

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Plastic Bags & Environment

Plastics and Environment

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Coordinators, Mrs. Punam Pandey, STREAM IC
25/10/21-28/10/21 2nd Leadership Summit, 2021 for I to XII Coordinators, Activity IC
27/10/21-30/10/21 Elsevier 2.0 for I to XII Coordinators ( Secondary & Sr. Secondary), Mrs. Punam Pandey, Mrs. Latika
01/10/21-28/02/22 SDG@SRVM for I to XII Mrs. Sasmita Nayak, Coordinators, Ms. Jaimala, Ms. Arati


Save Energy Save Earth (SESE) Campaign # Awareness Campaign: September # Energy Survey by Students: October, November# Energy Reports by students: November, December # Presentations  by students: November, December  Mrs. Shashi Shukla,  Mrs. Rajni Dewangan
09/11/21-13/11/21 Quizomania-2021 for I to XII Coordinators, STREAM IC/ Data: Mrs. Punam, Mrs. Padmini,Conductor: Mr. Sumanta, Mrs. Shashikala,

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